It has been announced that EXO’s ChanyeolBEAST’s Doojoon, andINFINITE’s Sunggyu have been chosen as the MCs for KBS’ “Music Bank in Mexico!”

According to a KBS representative on October 22, Chanyeol, Doojoon, and Sunggyu will be hosting the upcoming “Music Bank” broadcast that will be opening up on October 30 at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico located in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. These three idols will be MCing alongside a popular MC in Mexico, Natalia Tellez.

The amazing lineup for this concert, including EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE,B.A.P, BTS, Girl’s Day, Ailee, and more, are preparing to heat up the stage for fans in Mexico.

Meanwhile, “Music Bank” has continued to spread the heat of K-Pop’s popularity through its ‘Music Bank World Tour,’ which has taken singers all around the world: Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, and more, starting in 2011.

Who will be attending “Music Bank in Mexico?”


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22/10/02014 My Lovely Girl - Myungsoo & Krystal

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[FANTAKEN] 141022 My Lovely Girl filming - Myungsoo
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Girl group Hello Venus Girl teases for their comeback with their new members!

New members Seoyoung and Yeoreum take the place of Yoo Ara and Yoonjo who left the group early in the year. The group is now working exclusively with Fantagio, a talent agency that also boasts artist such as actor-idol boy band 5urprise.

Seoyoung is 21 years old and majored in vocal performance in middle school and high school. Yeoreum is 19 years old and boasts a doll-like face.

Hello Venus will be dropping their fourth single album on November 6. The group promises to show a more womanly and chic image with this comeback.

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[141012] SBS My Lovely Girl Recording

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